More Great Gift Ideas

  • Beer bottle openers.  These 6-inch openers made from attractive wood are conversation pieces and aren’t easily misplaced at BBQ’s. Give one with a good 6-pack!
  • Letter Openers in wood or acrylic.
  • Seam rippers.  Those who sew will appreciate both the beauty and feel of these tools used to remove thread.
  • Combination corkscrew/bottle stopper. These are super for picnics. The stopper caps the sharp corkscrew tip and you can use the stopper to cap the bottle.
  • Matching letter opener/pen sets in wood or acrylic with attractive storage box included.
  • Sports fan gifts.   I can make most items in sports team colors or make combo sets, such as a bottle opener and pen matching the colors of a favorite team.
  • “Gifts to Remember.”  I can make gifts people will want to hand down, from a treasured tree, a family boat or piece of furniture.
  • Specialty Wood. I import Middle East olive wood pruned from centuries-old trees near Jerusalem–excellent for gifts with religious significance.
  •  Favorite color gifts.  Know someone who loves Purple or is passionate about Pink?   Acrylics come in almost every color imaginable.  Just ask.



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